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Island Vintage Coffee
0.70 mifrom hotel
Island Vintage Coffee at Waikiki Honolulu
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Enjoy Aromatic Kona Coffee And The Best Acai Bowls In Oahu

You don't just get an exceptional cup of 100%, locally-grown Kona coffee at Island Vintage Coffee. You get the heart and soul of the islands delivered in every cup, along with fresh takes on local food infused with Hawaii's rich culinary history. Grab a cup of piping hot, fresh-brewed coffee, matcha green tea, frozen hot chocolate or iced chai. Dig in to a healthy acai bowls, heaping with the freshest fruits and crunchy granola. Indulge with a sandwich or sweet treat. Start your day of Oahu adventure here and enjoy a relaxing lunch.


Prices -


Hours -

Vary by location.


  • Honolulu Festival (March)
  • Haleiwa Arts Festival (July)
  • Red Bull Queen of the Bay (Oct.-Nov.)


  • Dining
  • Souvenirs
  • Shopping
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • 100% Kona Coffee 
  • Dine-in or Takeaway


A : Akin to a smoothie in a bowl, delicious acai fruit is a delicious and healthy way to infuse your diet with antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats. The acai berry, native to Brazilian rainforests, lends itself naturally as the base for the trendy acai bowls found at coffee shops, restaurants and juice bars around the world. Every acai bowl is unique but begins with a puree of the grape-sized acai fruit. Then the bowl is topped with crunchy granola and finished off by heaping on berries, bananas, nuts and seeds. 
A : Coffee lovers flock to Island Vintage Coffee for a cup (or two) of the shop's aromatic coffee, brewed exclusively with 100% locally-grown Kona coffee beans, harvested from nearby mountainsides. Health-concious patrons also rave about the matcha green tea and healthy, fresh-made sandwiches and paninis. But by far, the biggest reason to visit is for the creamy, healthy acai bowls. Building on a rich, acai berry base, every bowl is heaping with crunchy granola and fresh fruit.

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